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VL Leadership Full Hero's Journey's

Embark on a transformative adventure with our Experiential Learning Program – a unique and immersive experience designed to SIMULATE a Hero's Journey in real life.

 Picture weekends filled with a captivating blend of virtual and in-person activities that will challenge you, inspire you, and ultimately transform you. All of which follow the 12 step theme.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of the hero that you are, facing trials, overcoming obstacles, and discovering your untapped potential

Our program takes you on a thrilling quest that mirrors the hero's journey, allowing you to explore uncharted territories within yourself. As you navigate the twists and turns of your journey, you will gain insights, overcome challenges, and emerge transformed.

You'll be guided by experienced trainers who bring the journey to life. It's not just a program – it's an opportunity to discover your inner strengths, leadership skills, and new life-long friends.

Envision the possibilities that await you when you return from this extraordinary adventure – a more resilient, more confident, and empowered version of yourself; ready for life's challenges with newfound courage and VISION for what's next.

Don't just read about the hero's journey... live it! 

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