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    A Personal Growth Program for the General Public
VL 1.1 Tampa

Founded through Covid-19

Visionary Living Leadership was created with a commitment to serving the community. We provide insight as to how leadership can be applied to our personal lives as individuals. Our curriculum is divided into 3 "chapters." The first chapter is personal awareness, the second chapter is in the domain of team while the final chapter becomes applying the tools we've cultivated inside a training room environment and practicing them out in the real world utilizing the local community and a unified team vision. 

Discounts are available for Landmark and Virtual Leadership Graduates!

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More than just Motivational Speaking...

Although our program may involve delivering educational content didactically, it is more than just a motivational speech. The industry that we identify with is called "Transformational & Experiential Learning." We deliver the information in a highly interactive way. Every attendee is expected to participate in all activities.

By "doing" certain exercises and then reflecting on personal participation, we can empower people in achieving a new level of awareness that can be practically applied to their personal lives. All of the discoveries that people have are personal; some of them may bring us to tears, while others create joy and laughter but all of them bring us a sense of gratitude and peace.

Chapter 1: Awareness

Chapter 1 of our three level program is called Awareness and is focused on helping people shift their perspective in such a way that it provides power in their sense of self. 

Chapter 2: Activation

This 5 day training experience is an intense emotional intelligence course that allows people to rewire their fears and limiting beliefs at a subconscious level using cathartic processes.

Chapter 3: Actualization

The final level of our curriculum for the public is a 3 month long program that becomes an "actual" practice of the tools learned in your life outside of the training room walls.

VL Trainer Development

Our trainer development program brings together a variety of modalities that our company deems as important competencies to be able to facilitate experiential learning workshops.

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