More than just Motivational Speaking...

Although our program may involve delivering educational content didactically, it is more than just a motivational speech. The industry that we identify with is called "Transformational & Experiential Learning." We deliver the information in a highly interactive way. Every attendee is expected to participate in all activities.

By "doing" certain exercises and then reflecting on personal participation, we can empower people in achieving a new level of awareness that can be practically applied to their personal lives. All of the discoveries that people have are personal; some of them may bring us to tears, while others create joy and laughter but all of them bring us a sense of gratitude and peace.

Book 1: Ordinary World

Book 1 of our program is called Awareness and is a combination of virtual and in-person weekends, called chapters. Each represent a part of the heroes journey.

Book 2: Activation

These chapters happen in the "extraordinary world." It is where the hero will be tested and challenged. We redefine our internal and emotional paradigm over several weekends.

Book 3: Visionary Living

The final Chapters in Book 3 of our curriculum becomes an "actual" practice of the tools learned in your life outside of the training room walls. This is where the most practical results are. 

VL Trainer Development

Our trainer development program brings together a variety of modalities that our company deems as important competencies to be able to facilitate experiential learning workshops.

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VL 1 (St. Petersburg, FL)

For General Public 2025

Ch 1: The Ordinary World (Virtual)
Ch 2: Call to Adventure 

Ch 3:  Refusal of the Call (Virtual)

Ch 4: Meeting the Mentor (Hybrid)

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 Dates for the General Public will be coming soon and are based on the demand.

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VL 1 (Tampa, FL)

For General Public 2025

Ch 5: Crossing the Threshold (Hybrid)

Ch 6: Tests, Allies and Enemies (Live)

Ch 7: Inner Cave (Live)

Ch 8: The Ordeal  (Live)

Ch 9: The Reward (Hybrid)

"Book 2: Activation" + "Book 3: Visionary Living" is only available to those who've completed "Book 1: Awareness."    

To purchase admission for Book 2 + 3, please speak with a Visionary Living Leadership 



VL 1 (Tampa, FL)

For General Public 2025

 Ch 10: The Road Back (Hybrid

Ch 11: Resurrected  (Hybrid)

Ch 12: Returning Transformed (Live)

Continues at professional development

"Book 2: Activation" + "Book 3: Visionary Living" is only available to those who've completed "Book 1: Awareness." 

To purchase admission for Book 2 + 3, please speak with a Visionary Living Leadership 


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A La Carte Services

Business Consultation

We provide consultation services for small to medium sized businesses. We offer growth consultation, ethical practices and infrastructure modification.


This is an increasingly popular healing modality because of its ability to guide people through their emotional body to create profound shifts in the subconscious mind. 

1-on-1 Coaching

Using Ontological and Socratic methodologies, coaching is used to help individuals come to new conclusions about their realities.

Keynote Speaking

Whether it's a corporate event or a fundraiser, we can offer our services as a public speaker to motivate and shift the awareness of groups.

We must begin with a consultation. This will provide us with the basic information necessary to create and quote and personalized action plan. Please send us an email or for a more immediate response, please feel free to call 407.221.0086. If there's no answer, leave a message and we'll return your call within 24 hours. Thank you for considering Visionary Living Leadership's services; we look forward to working with you. 

​(​TTB) Transformational Trainer Basic

The "Transformational Trainer Basic" or (TTB) program is the first of a 2-part "Professional Development" program to become a professional facilitator and speaker for these trainings; it provides foundational education around general presentation awareness's, curriculum design and group facilitation dynamics. 

Pre-Requisite: VL Grad (or Chapter 3 equivalent with alt. center)      

Please speak with an Executive Trainer of VLL first. 

SPEAKER WKND:        2025 TBD

  SECOND WKND:        2025 TBD

      THIRD WKND:        2025 TBD

       FINAL WKND:        2025 TBD